Valters & Baiba Lasmaņi

You often hear people talk about balancing out personal life and work – while there is some merit to the saying, we’re thankful for the two being one. What started out as a hobby, slowly turned into a family business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Living in Northern Europe we experience aspects of the Old World every day; through family traditions, by walking the streets of an old village or spending a relaxing weekend in the countryside. All of it gives us a glimpse of another time. And with Red Nail, we’ve been able to repurpose elements of a time past by blending vintage materials and modern, industrial grade materials to create exclusively rustic furniture. Every piece is crafted with care, possessing hallmarks that are one of a kind. We hope that you find something for your home or workplace, and if you’d like something custom made, we’re here for you.
Valters and Baiba


Exclusive Handmade Furniture in Rustic Industrial style made in Latvia

Every person has their own story, and at Red Nail, we aspire to be a part of that story. Whether its for your business, your lake house, Winter cabin, or within your home, we believe our exclusive furniture that’s built with select materials from Northern Europe and with Old World craftsmanship will succeed in telling your story. Every piece tells a story and is as unique as a Red Nail among black nails.


Wood and iron

All of the wood we use is more than 100 years old and is dismantled with care from historical houses built in 1887 and 1890. Surviving two World Wars, the wood tells stories of a thousand sunrises with inconceivable life experience written on its surface.

Our aim was to keep all of its historical paintings. And the painters were the greatest powers on Earth – the sun, the wind, and time.

Sacrificing itself to the fire for iron, the wood its reborn into new shapes, an invaluable gift, iron made a reverent promise to hold and to carry each piece of wood that’s been entrusted to.


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